Assalamualaikum.. hi..

Hmm.. about me.. my name is intan nadhirah.. i was born on march 4, 1987.. i’m a simple girl.. at least i like to think that way.. because most of the things that matters to most girls, dont really matter to me.. make up.. lipstick.. BUT.. others love to call me deep.. i think.. it’s because i am deep.. i think differently, i guess.. hehe..

I care about what i wear.. but i dont put too much care into it.. as long as it fits my style and i’m comfortable in it.. but i do dress accordingly.. hee~

I love sports.. i do.. i play a lot of sports.. netball.. softball.. basketball.. a little bit of everything.. and.. i’m really good at it.. and also, i’m a track n field star.. hahaha..

I do care about what i eat.. i only eat delicious things.. now, i’m trying to eat healthy+delicious foods..

I love exercising.. really do.. i dont do it all the time, but i do it quite often.. i like stretching and sit ups..

Ah.. i love my family and my friends.. they’re my everything.. i love him too.. hahaha..


p/s: welcome to my blog..


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